>  13 May 2019

Where is my order?

As vinyl is not commonly manufactured in Australia - most titles are now imported.  It is likely that the item or some of the items were not in stock at the time you ordered.  If some items are in stock, we will usually ship them first.  In many cases, we will send your order in seperate lots - at no extra cost to you. Please check availability for each item. Information is located under the price on the main page for every item.


How do I know when my item is on its way?

Once your order (or part of your order) is on its way, you will receive a confirmation email from us with tracking information. If you are a registered user, you will also be able to find the tracking under your order in your account. 


Why are all my vinyl titles imported?

Just about all titles you see on our site come from overseas. Vinyl is virtually no longer manufactured in Australia (apart from some small independent pressing plants). Vinyl is imported from countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, England, Portugal and the Netherlands. We place orders daily with overseas distributors and have several shipments of large quantities of vinyl arrive in our Melbourne warehouse every day. We are one of Australia's largest importers of vinyl records.


How do I know if the records are black or coloured vinyl?

The title will normally state if it is a limited edition coloured pressing. It may also state more info on the colour of the vinyl in the description. There may also be a pack shot of the colour of the vinyl. Also, please be aware that many new releases can come out on coloured vinyl for the first pressing to promote the release, then revert to black vinyl without warning - with the same barcode and catalogue. Often the record companies will not alert us to this and we find out after we've received the shipment. We will update our information on the product as soon as we find out it is back to black. 


My record has a warp in it?

A small degree of warp is quite common, turntable tonearms are designed to compensate for it and unless the warp affects playback you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

Factors that cause the degree of warping are type and quality of the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) used to produce the record, the thickness of the vinyl and whether it became warped due to heat exposure.  Coloured vinyl is well known for warping very easily and is of lesser quality to black vinyl. The same can be said for transparent varieties. If it's the music and the audio fidelity that matters to you, always look for black vinyl. 


Why is my order on hold?

Your order is not on hold. It may say that if you are viewing your account via a mobile phone, however we are looking at getting the wording changed to avoid confusion. 


Can I return an item?

You can return an item if it is not what you ordered or it is faulty. You have 14 days from the time you receive your order to advise us that you wish to return an item.  Please choose carefully. As with fair trading regulations, you can not return an item if you simply decide you don't like it or you have changed your mind.


Do you offer Express Post?

No, we cannot offer Express Post at this time.